Brexit: Theresa Would possibly and Jeremy Corbyn set to hold extra talks

Brexit: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn set to hold further talks

Theresa Would possibly and Jeremy Corbyn look set to hold extra talks over Brexit.

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The prime minister struck a conciliatory tone in her response to a letter from Mr Corbyn, which set out his 5 requires for a Brexit deal.

She said she wished the two occasions to debate “alternative arrangements” to the Irish backstop – a dedication to steer clear of a tricky border.

Nevertheless there stays a divide over the customs union, regardless that she did not reject any of his conditions outright.

No date has been set for the following meeting, nevertheless the letter concludes with Mrs Would possibly saying she appeared forward to the two occasions meeting “as soon as possible”.

Within the meantime, Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay and EU negotiator Michel Barnier will keep talks in Strasbourg later, as a result of the EU and UK Brexit negotiating teams deal with proposed modifications to the deal.

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10 Downing Street

Writing her response to his letter of final Wednesday, Mrs Would possibly knowledgeable the Labour chief: “It is good to see that we agree that the UK should leave the European Union with a deal and that the urgent task at hand is to find a deal that honours our commitments to the people of Northern Ireland, can command support in Parliament and can be negotiated with the EU – not to seek an election or second referendum.”

That’s no matter Mr Corbyn repeatedly saying there must be a typical election if Mrs Would possibly can’t get a deal via Parliament. He has moreover confronted stress from a number of of his MPs to push for another public vote on Brexit.

Labour MP David Lammy – who helps the “People’s Vote” advertising and marketing marketing campaign for a model new referendum – said Mrs Would possibly’s letter “makes it clear there is no hope of her agreeing” with Mr Corbyn‘s requires and said his get collectively should advertising and marketing marketing campaign now for a up to date vote.

The anti-Brexit Liberal Democrat’s spokesman, Tom Brake, said it was “astonishing” the two leaders had been starting “serious discussions about delivering disastrous Brexit together” 900 days after the vote to depart the EU.

He added: “It is time for Jeremy Corbyn to give up the letters and instead draw his attention to Labour Party policy and get behind the campaign for a People’s Vote.”

Does the letter give political cowl?

By Norman Smith, BBC assistant political editor

It might need been a extremely completely completely different type of letter.

Mrs Would possibly might need merely underscored her purple strains: No to extending Article 50. No to a distinct referendum. No to a customs union.

In its place, it’s a far more conciliatory and consensual letter.

There’s reward for Mr Corbyn in accepting the priority now must be on reaching a Brexit deal, considerably than pressing for a typical election.

Reward too for his acknowledgement that the backstop has purchased to be modified.

And there may be some movement on employment rights and the promise of extra money for arduous pressed communities.

Even on the customs union – their key dividing area – Mrs Would possibly’s language is additional nuanced, regardless that privately her aides insist there can be no question of accepting a eternal customs union.

It’s unlikely to be anyplace near adequate to win over Mr Corbyn.

Nevertheless it may be adequate for these labour MPs in go away supporting constituencies, who’re searching for political cowl to once more or abstain on Mrs Would possibly’s deal.

What has Labour requested for – and the way in which has the PM responded?

In his letter, Mr Corbyn requested for five modifications to be made to the Brexit deal.

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The customs union

The Labour chief often known as for a “permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union” with the EU to be launched to the deal, with the an identical exterior tariff.

He said it’d give the UK a say on any future commerce presents that the EU may strike.

In her reply, Mrs Would possibly said the political declaration – the second part of her deal which is a non-legally binding assertion on the long run relationship between the UK and EU – “explicitly provides for the benefits of a customs union”, with no tariffs, costs, costs and restrictions.

    • The customs union outlined
  • What’s Labour’s customs union protection?

Nevertheless, she said, it moreover permits for the UK to strike up its private commerce presents elsewhere.

Mrs Would possibly wrote: “I am not clear why you believe it would be preferable to seek a say in future EU trade deals rather than the ability to strike our own deals?”

Nevertheless, she added her reassurance that securing frictionless commerce with the EU was “one of our key negotiating objectives”.

The Single Market

Mr Corbyn moreover wished the deal to include a promise for the UK to be intently aligned with the Single Market after it leaves the EU, “underpinned by shared institutions and obligations”.

Mrs Would possibly quoted the EU as saying the current deal provides for the closest relationship doable exterior the Single Market.

She added: “I am not sure what exactly you mean when you say ‘shared institutions and obligations’, but our teams can explore that.”

  • The one market outlined

The PM moreover repeated the EU’s warning that totally frictionless commerce is simply doable if the UK stays inside the Single Market.

“This would mean accepting free movement, which Labour’s 2017 General Election manifesto made clear you do not support,” she added.

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Staff’ rights

Labour has often known as for the UK to stay consistent with the EU on rights and protections for workers, which was included in Mr Corbyn‘s letter.

On this degree, Mrs Would possibly said the federal authorities had already made commitments on workers’ rights, together with: “We are examining opportunities to provide further financial support to communities that feel left behind.”

This may be referring to proposals that had been said to have been talked about earlier this month from a gaggle of Labour MPs in predominantly Depart-supporting constituencies, to allocate additional funds to their communities for big infrastructure duties.

The PM moreover said that whereas she had “always been clear that Brexit should not be at the expense of workers’ rights or environmental protections”, she did not assist routinely following EU pointers in these areas.

“Given their importance, we believe these decisions should be taken in our Parliament by our elected representatives,” she added.

Nevertheless she tried to reassure Mr Corbyn that the federal authorities had made legally-binding commitments to not switch once more in these areas and so they’re prepared to consider legislating to supply these commitments energy in UK laws.

EU companies

The Labour chief often known as for a promise to participate in EU companies and funding programmes on the setting, coaching and enterprise regulation after Brexit.

The prime minister said the federal authorities helps participation in EU programmes in fairly a number of areas, as set out inside the political declaration – which includes areas much like science and innovation, youth, custom and coaching, and overseas development.

Mrs May additionally said the federal authorities wished the closest doable relationship with EU companies in “heavily regulated sectors”, much like medicines and aviation, “subject to us being outside the single market”.


Lastly, Mr Corbyn demanded agreements with the EU on security, much like entry to the European Arrest Warrant database.

Mrs Would possibly said the federal authorities “shares your ambition in relation to security arrangements”.

She said the political declaration secured settlement on the alternate of Passenger Title Doc, DNA, fingerprint and automobile registration information and on preparations “akin to the European Arrest Warrant to surrender suspected and convicted persons efficiently and expeditiously.”

Nevertheless, she added, there’s an issue that as a third nation exterior of the EU, there are restrictions on the UK’s potential to participate in some EU devices and measures.

Mrs Would possibly said: “The federal authorities would not think about it may be inside the pursuits of each the UK or the EU and its Member States to see a reduction in joint security capabilities.

“Labour’s help for this place going into the subsequent part will, I hope, ship a robust sign that the EU ought to rethink its stance.”

Labour is however to reply the letter.

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